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Removed debug print, fixed "bullet" collision...
1 file — 1.0.6
Play with lightsabers
Tweaks 3
I've ~fixed the way Epic created left hand by modelling and animating it based on the right (sockets were still messed up tho) which made things like text rende...
1 file — 1.0.5
Tweaks 2
Hello, you can now add crystals to the pistols in order to change the color. I tweaked the animations a little bit, they seem a little bit less retarded now. I'...
1 file — 1.0.4
I managed to get my hands on some better basic models and animations from Mixamo (check it out btw if you are developer), I'm still working on them but I though...
1 file — 1.0.3
Health and tweaked AI
I added health and death, you can restart the game from the main menu. I tweaked the AI, they became smarter and dumber at the same time, they shoot each other...
1 file — 1.0.2
Use force to get your lightsaber
I've added a few things: Use force to get your lightsaber (Using the grip) Added sounds to shooting...
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